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Quotes Due to Ted and his motorbike training techniques and experiance i passed my bike test first time with very few lessens. He makes every aspect of riding seem easier and more relaxed. Top school and would recommend to anyone. Thanks for everything. Quotes

Quotes A big thank you goes to Ted, who prepared me to pass my R-Class license! He went over and above what was required and not only taught me the necessary skills to pass and stay alive, but equipped me with the knowledge (ins and outs of a motorbike), confidence, refined my road craft and more importantly, noticed and corrected some bad habits i had formed. He explained concepts in a variety of ways and lessons were always engaging and built on from previous weeks. Thank you again Ted for your patience with me, i love being a rider! Quotes
Aly Coxon
Rider Enthusiast

Quotes ITS ALL IN THE RESULTS...totaly impressed with Teds knowledge and delivery method. A true professional at a budget price.My rider awareness has improved dramatically, along with an improved knowledge for a 100% confidence when riding. i would not hesitate to recommend Ted for training no matter what skill level.I certainly will go back for advanced tecnique training .Once again ITS ALL IN THE RESULTS. ps.... Teds honesty in his training is a compliment to his buisness. you dont come across that very often these days. GOOD ONYA MATE.......Safe riding Quotes
jerry barnes

Quotes I started with Ted & not long afterwards I dropped my bike at home. It wasn't a bad situation but it really scared me. I came back to him doubting my abilities. Ted worked with me over a number of weeks, and helped me rebuild my confidence to a new level. Ted really cares about his students enjoying their riding and encourages everyone to ride within their own comfort zone. I would recommend Ted to anyone looking to ride motorcycles. He gave me options, so now when things go wrong, I am not panicked, I know I have a number of things to do to help myself. I am in control of my bike, not the other way around. Thank-you Ted. You are a wonderful instructor! Quotes
Jacqueline Lawson
A motorcycle rider with options!

Quotes Ted provides a non discriminatory one on one learning experience with a high focus on safety for you THE RIDER .... its refreshing to see someone, quite naturally, drop the domineering "I'm the teacher ... you will listen" attitude. Ted's industry professionalism and genuine desire to see you THE RIDER not only emerge but to succeed, provides a marvellously helpfull , intuitive and relaxed environment..... Go on the time is now and enjoy the experience. Quotes
Shaun Roe
Dip OH&S - CertifiedTrainer / Assessor

Quotes I went to Ted with no experience and a dream to learn to ride a bike! Not only did Ted have me up and riding in a few lessons he provided a highly dedicated teaching service and the ability to make you feel completely at ease on the road. He explains things clearly and gives praise always. Looking forward to going back for a few tips before upgrading to my R class! Quotes
Stoked Motorbike Rider

Quotes It's been a long dream of mine to learn to ride. Starting later in life I wanted to make sure I got taught well and safely. Ted is an awesome teacher, with lots of patience, helps you step by step to live that dream from beginning stages to rider assessment and beyond. I'm now a safe well practiced rider enjoying each ride because Ted has made that possible through his excellent instruction techniques. Quotes
Living my dream

Quotes I started lessons with Ted with little/no motorbike experience. He had me riding in no time and was willing to fit in with my busy schedule. Very highly recommended. Thanks Ted Quotes
Previous student

Quotes Ted's patience helped me overcome my lack of confidence of riding after an accident I had when I was on my restricted licence. His teaching ability made me a better rider and I am now enjoying riding again, now on my un-restricted licence! Thanks Ted. Quotes
Lubin Dinnie

Quotes Ted's passion was to get me riding with safety and confidence. His patience and ability to create a unique learning structure on the spot makes him a top choice for literally anyone wanting to ride. I've developed some great techniques thanks to Ted, and now I'm hitting the road with more confidence and enjoyment than I thought possible. Thanks Ted! Quotes
Nick Bertke
The Best
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