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Quotes Thanks Ted for the lessons and tips,been riding for alot of years and now feel in control of the bike..not the other way round.This guy knows his just need to be willing to listen. Thanks again mate. Quotes
Controlled braking.

Quotes Thanks Ted for all your help in getting my 250 licence. I will keep doing those mono's for you champ thanks mate Quotes

Quotes Ted has been instrumental in helping me to attain both my restricted and unrestricted licences. I will always be grateful for his patience, passion, kindness and willingness to share his accumulated knowledge. Thanks for helping me to become the rider I am. Pauline Quotes

Quotes Hi just like to thank Ted for his great Teaching skills,also the manner in which he provides you with the skills you need to become a Confident & Safe Rider. If You are One of the many many Future Riders out there give Ted a call,so you to can enjoy the freedom & excitement on the open road, Thanks heaps Ted. Quotes
Ninja Rider

Quotes Cheers ted for your patience and experience to get me through those u-turns and emergency stops in time for me to pass my unrestricted license. Your years of experience was well worth using you as an instructor and I will pass on to anyone esle that wants a bike license. I now have a yamaha 650cc v-star cruiser, happy days. Heres to many more years of safe riding, regards Len Quotes
Len Tideswell
Another win for ted

Quotes To say that I was a beginner when Ted first started to teach me is a gross understatement. Due to a bad experience elsewhere my confidence was completely shot from the get go. Not only did Ted teach me safe, practical riding techniques, using language and examples that I could grasp, but he restored my confidence to a point where I can?t wait to get my own two wheeled machine and just ride for the hell of it. Seriously, if I can pass first time under Teds? expert guidance, anybody can. It?s that simpe. Thanks for everything Ted, I'll see you out there!!! Quotes
One Happy Pohm

Quotes Hadn,t ridden a bike for about thirty years and got the urge to give it a go again. Teds Patience and instructions were second to none. He had me ready for my test after 4 lessons, past first time, Quotes

Quotes I came to ted, green as grass clipping's. Ridden a bike (RM125) on a farm one time, crashed it, and told Ted: Yeah Yeah, i 've ridden plenty of dirt bikes... lol I didn't want to look like a goof, but Ted was Tha BomB! in a couple of lesson's he'd taught me throttle and clutch controll. Couple more I was up to riding on the road, head check's ect.. Two lesson's after that, I got my R-E licencee. Pro in 6 lesson's :) My hand's first up for being a slow learner, but Ted is an awesome Instructor and alway's found a way to teach me what I needed to know. I couldn't have found a better instructor, Ted your the BomB!! Quotes
Pro - in 6 lesson's :)

Quotes I took 4 lessons with Ted before going for my test and was very satisfied with the outcome. I had never ridden before this and now i am very confident to ride by myself on the road. He started off by teaching me the basics and mechanics of how a bike works before advancing on to the actual riding of a bike as i was new too it. By the third lesson i was very pleased with what i had learnt in such a short time, Ted really takes the time to explain in detail anything you need or want too know about riding a motorbike, i could tell right from the start he was very passionate about what he does and was a pleasure too be shown how to ride by him. I would recommend anyone who is looking too go for their bike licence too get shown how too ride by Ted as he is a patient and dedicated teacher with the knowledge to match. Kris Skamperle Stoked Rider Quotes
stoked rider

Quotes I was afraid of motorbikes/scooters and never thought I would be riding one. Recently my husband bought a scooter and I had a go. I was terrified but wanted to beat this fear. We were referred to Ted and he was brilliant. He helped me get over my fear and pass my bike test winthin a month. Thanks Ted and I will definately recommend you to anyone interested in learning how to ride. Carol P.S. Anyone reading this and see's my wihite scooter on the road, be kind Im still a little nervous haha Quotes
Thanks Ted